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Welcome to CVS Caremark Realty

Flexibility in site selection

With sites in freestanding locations, downtowns, college towns and multicultural neighborhoods, we are very flexible and adaptable to all types of locations. Our Regional Directors of Real Estate understand business opportunities and are experienced deal makers.

Emphasis on convenience, service, and accessibility

We continually challenge ourselves to redefine convenience for the diverse needs of our customers. From selecting sites to the layout of the store to the hours we operate and the services we provide, our goal is to deliver increasingly greater convenience.

Our stores are inviting and easy to shop. Every store is renovated, on average, at least once every five years. This fresh environment keeps customers coming back.

... and an incredible record of success

Fueled by a drive to always serve customers better — and a real estate strategy that calls for not only the opening of many more stores to serve a growing number of new communities, but also the moving of existing stores to more convenient locations. CVS remains committed to a strategy of growth and is aggressively seeking out new sites. This strategy has resulted in sustained profitability and widespread customer acceptance.

Partnering with communities

To CVS, being a good neighbor means providing the most convenient locations possible to allow access to the health care and prescription needs of individual communities. It also means being sensitive to the various cultures that make up each community. That’s why you’ll see external signage that reflects the languages of those cultures on our stores.

Partnering with local and minority suppliers

We look forward to the opportunity to work with qualified local and minority-owned contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors — as well as those with high minority representation. And we value their unique contributions to the overall process. What we look for in selecting these firms is their financial backing and stability to adequately staff our projects to maintain schedule and price competitiveness.

CVS is proud to be recognized for these efforts. CVS was awarded the African American Contractors Association (AACA) Outstanding Business Development Award in March 2004 for our commitment to individual communities when building new stores — along with our demonstrated support for the community through diverse hiring practices.

Regional Contact List

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