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New Store Location Criteria

  • Deal Structure
  • Locations
  • Acquisitions
  • Procedure
  • Free Standing Prototype

Deal Structure

We prefer the following for Free Standing sites:

  1. Fee for Service or Self Development
  2. We will also consider Build-to-Suit deals for other convenience-oriented sites. Terms would be:
  • 25 years
  • Options — 10 year periods


  1. Highly visible — we require pylon sign identity.
  2. Easy access — with traffic control.
  3. High traffic locations.
  4. Free standing sites with drive-thru pharmacy capability, 1.5 - 2.0 acres.
  5. Parking for 75 to 85 vehicles.
  6. Minimum of 18,000 people in a trade area.


CVS has a history of successful and professional purchases of existing independent and small chain businesses. Our Acquisition Staff is ready to review opportunities to buy existing pharmacies with landlords and operators.


All approvals are obtained by presentation to the CVS Real Estate Committee; meetings are held monthly. Site plans required from principal as part of presentation. The CVS Regional Director of Real Estate handles all site investigations and negotiations.

Free Standing Prototype

96 x 137 = 12,900 Square Feet

Regional Contact List

Regional Contact List (all) (618 KB) 07.31.2015